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Look at what’s new: the cutest little mini Time Out chair ever!!!

July 25, 2014

Grandma’s Time Out Chair!  *** CHECK OUT MY LISTING ON eBay***

Could this little chair be any cuter? This mini chair serves many purposes…put it on a bookshelf, use it as the focal point of a centerpiece,

put a candle on it, put a pot of fresh herbs on it, use it as a faux ‘Time Out’ chair for your sweet little grand babies or…it’s just so cute sitting all by itself!

This is a repurposed wooden chair that has been lovingly prepped, primed and finished to perfection (my perfection that is!).

It measures 11-1/2” tall, 6”wide and 5” deep. The little clay pot with Mackenzie-Childs ribbon is included!

A funny story: I have a similar little chair sitting on the floor next to my buffet. When my 3 year old grandson was recently visiting,

I pointed it out to him and told him that the chair was our ‘time out’ chair. He looked at me with wide eyes and very perplexed.

I’m sure he was trying to figure out how he would fit in that little chair and, if he did, how would he ever get out? He didn’t know

if I was serious or not and apparently didn’t want to find out!!! He never went anywhere near that chair – and he was a good boy to boot!!!












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