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Dragonfly Days Hand Painted Items for Sale on eBay!

June 17, 2016

Hi everyone – as I said in an earlier post, my business has been so busy (yea!), that I cannot sell from this site any longer. I am selling exclusively on eBay…there are lots of beautiful items to choose from and I have listed them as ‘Buy it Now’ with the option of ‘Make an Offer’…the Auctions are great, but you have to wait so long and sometimes get outbid…so this new way is working out very well!

I hope you will visit me on eBay. My handle is:  hhicateringqueen. If you can’t find me through that name (which sometimes is a struggle on eBay), just enter into the search box something like ‘hand painted vase with MacKenzie-Childs bow’ and that should take you to that item…then  click on ‘see other items’ and you will see dozens of great hand painted items for sale, as well as some beautiful jewelry that I have made.

Have fun and I hope you enjoy my artistic creations as much as I enjoyed making them!

Bobbi G.

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